Why should I choose Weibang?

Weibang specialise in manufacturing professional garden machines that are distributed in more than 30 countries worldwide. With a goal of ‘continually pursuing the best quality’, Weibang has become one of the largest garden machinery producers in China. Their products offer competitive pricing aswell as being known for their hardwearing qualities.

Do Weibang garden machines come with a warranty?

Yes. Absolutely. Your Weibang garden machine comes with a 5 year domestic warranty and 2 year commercial warranty.

Where can I purchase my Weibang garden machine?

Our Weibang products are sold through a wide network of approved stockists all around the country. You will find your nearest local stockist by browsing through the ‘Find your approved Stockist’ section on our homepage. If you are having any problems finding your nearest dealer you can call our dedicated team on 057 86 23809 for help.

If I have a problem with my Weibang product I purchased, what should I do?

Always, keep your product receipt and warranty advice and bring your issue to the attention of the supplier from which you purchased your machine and they will be able to help you with your issue directly.

Where can I get a price for the machines listed on this website?

Each product on our website has a guideline price listed beside it. You should contact your nearest Weibang Stockist using our Find your approved Stockist’ page as they may have a lower price on offer especially if they are perhaps running a promotion.


Common garden & machine queries

When reading lawnmower descriptions, what does mulching mean and is it better?

A lawnmower that has a mulching blade is totally different to a grass collection blade. The mulching blade cuts and re-cuts the grass clipping into tiny particles. These small particles are then blown downwards into the sward, out of sight. These tiny slithers of grass will breakdown within hours depositing key nutrients (i.e nitrogen, potash and phosphate) back into the lawn allowing micro-organisms and worms to carry these nutrients back into the soil. The big advantage with mulching is the time it will save you emptying the grass box with no more heaps of grass to worry about!

What other machines are available from Weibang?

WEIBANG manufacture a range of high quality garden care products in addition to their high quality lawn mower to help ensure your garden is always in peak condition. The range includes scarifiers, dedicated mulching mowers, aerators, rear rollers and more.

What is the difference between a scarifying and raking?

A lawn scarifier is a machine that cuts through the turf, removing moss and dead grass. It aerates and helps to revive a tired or spongy lawn. Scarifiers have fixed knife blades attached to the cylinder. These remove moss and thatch, but at the lowest setting cut through the base of the sward into the underlying soil to help aerate it. By cutting through the grass stolons, the offshoots are separated into lots of individual plants, which helps to thicken up the turf and improve its health.

While a rake brushes across the surface to take leaves off for example, a scarifier actually pushes down into the grass perforating it across the top to let in air, it will therefore also encourage growth. If you have a mossy lawn, a scarifier would be better.