A great brand listens to its customers

A great brand listens to its customers

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than seeing our warehouse full of lovely Weibang machines

Lots of stock in and straight out again to our many happy customers

We always say a great brand listens to its customers!

At WEIBANG, all feedback received from our customers is passed on to our product development team and forms a large part of the design process when developing new products.

Handlebars: we became aware that professional users found that the grip on the handlebars were one of the areas which sometimes did not have the durability required when our lawnmowers were being used in a commercial environment.

We designed heavy duty grips for all our lawnmowers and adjusted the overall height to provide a better working posture which is particularly beneficial when mowing for a prolonged period of time.

Transmission Pulleys: The design of the variable speed pulley has been improved to provide optimum reliability and performance and now features a belt guide to eliminate belts from slipping off.

Grass Collectors: The capacity of the collectors on some of our models has been increased by 5 litres for greater efficiency. For the prolonged working life, a new heavy-duty rubber edging is now used whilst the bases are now double stitched providing extra strength.

You spoke…we listened!!!

Are you a happy WEIBANG user yet? Purchase a reliable brand that you can trust today!

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